#1 Vacation Planning Tool

As your beach vacation approaches, the millions of things you need to do seems to double in size. An approaching vacation to do list comes in waves. There are things you can do far in advance and others that must wait till the last minute, but you think of so many things all at once…

How can you possibly keep track of all the things you need before going on vacation?

When you book your vacation there are things you can take care immediately.
As soon as you are booked, your mind will start working. Random thoughts, things to grab, things to do, what's the weather like in Florida?…

Around our house, about 1 month prior to vacation we start collecting things we’ll need. Some items are part of daily life and can’t be parted with immediately but we can still plan for these ideas.

The #1 Tool

The #1 tool my family has found for vacation planning is a large tote. A tote that’s roughly 18 gallons or more.
This way, as things come up you can easily toss them in the tote.

Remember That?

Remember that special bottle of wine, put it in the tote.
Found that bathing suit? Put it in the tote.
The Minions’ DVD! Put it in the tote!

Some things can’t be removed from daily life but you want to be sure to remember. Keep a small note pad in the tote too. This way, when you think of something random, you can easily add it to your list.


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Need More?

Know what the locals know.

When you visit somewhere new or unfamiliar, you are at the mercy of tourist traps.

IslandTime sites give you the information and knowledge of the locals.
With IslandTime at your side, you will find better restaurants, better shopping, better lodging, better recreation and have a better Florida beach vacation overall!

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