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I75 Rest Area Survey

Many travelers drive to Florida to enjoy a beach vacation. If you’ve made this track from Ohio, Illinois, or Indiana you’ve surely taken I 75 from Atlanta to Florida. This route is littered with many exits that include gas stations and convenience stores.

While these businesses may seem like a convenient stop for gas, food, and a bathroom break, you will quickly find that the restroom facilities in gas stations or fast food restaurants are not large enough to handle the traffic of families on road trips. It becomes rapidly obvious that these businesses are not concerned with their restroom facilities. In addition to frequently being filthy, most convenient stores have only a single person bathroom. Waiting for that slow person locked in the room in front of you is agonizing for the parent of a child who's got to go!

I have found that stopping in convenience stores instead of a rest area can add an extra 20 minutes per stop.

With the rest area everyone in the family can take care business independently and quickly. You can count on ample parking as well as a safe and clean facility. There is usually even room to run around without the threat of getting hit buy a car.

On many road trips I have found myself thwarted by not knowing when to expect the next rest area.
Maybe this is happened to you…

  • You left a convenience store feeling dirtier than when you walked in, and you didn’t even touch anything!
  • The bathrooms are so disgusting just looking at…
  • You sip the worst cup of coffee you’ve ever had?

Only to find you were just 3 miles away from a perfectly clean rest area that serves fresh hot coffee, salty snacks, and ice cream!

It is for this reason we have taken a survey of every rest area on I-75 from Tampa, Florida to Atlanta Georgia, including pictures and descriptions of the facilities.


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