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Time to talk about a trade in.

In Florida, you save about $400 if you can transfer your tag from your old car to a new one. The car I was trading in wasn’t worth much but I knew that going in. It was also a working 4,000 lb. vehicle with an engine, seats, and shelter. It was worth something.

I looked on Kelly Bluebook, Edmunds.com, ebay.com, and craigslist.org for people selling cars similar to mine. Bob asked me to make a price so I made a fair guess.

Negotiations for a used car can go very smoothly when you do your homework and keep your expectations fair for both parties. Yes, I wanted the best price I could get on the car I was buying and the car I was selling but negations work when both parties have something to gain.

Car buying negotiation tip

The resale price for the car is irrelevant.

What you need to know is what the dealer paid for the car. You can find some number that’s almost relevant if you look at the trade in value of the car you want car on kbb.com (Kelly Bluebook) or other car value service. Be sure to get the value of a trade in that’s in “good” condition. It may be in “excellent” condition now but they probably found a reason to lower it to “good” at most.


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