8. You’re Not Into Romance

…or romantic walks on the beach either. We get it. Real romance takes commitment. Sometimes you’re just not ready. You should steer clear.

Romantic walk on the beach

The Romantic Beaches of Indian Rocks Beach, FL

9. Seafood

7. Enough Sports Already...

You get enough sports in your hometown. Who needs more National championship baseball, hockey, football, and soccer?


Major League Sports

8. You’re Not Into Romance

6. Art Just Isn’t Your Thing

With so many world-class museums nearby Indian Rocks Beach, you are almost guaranteed to take in even more art and culture. If you think the work of Salvador Dali and Chihuly are just weird, you'd better steer clear.

Dali Museum

The Dali Museum

7. Enough Sports Already

5. You can’t take the heat

We understand, you aren’t accustomed to experiencing sunny weather with temperatures in the 70s - 80s in January and February. All this sun can be exhausting. You should stay indoors.

empty beaches

Spending all day in the sun can be exhausting.

6. Art Just Isn’t Your Thing

4. You Love Snow

Snow is beautiful, especially that first snowfall of the year. It’s so clean and fresh, it almost looks like the sand on our beaches.

snow sand

Snow white sugar sand of Indian Rocks Beach, FL

5. You can’t take the heat


Indian Rocks Beach Weather

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